Greg Lemon


The Monster Balls are taking over...tap the screen to shoot them and blow them away! Match your shot with the right color to start a combo, but don't let the Monster Balls touch the top of the tank or it's game over!

  • eye-popping visuals, energized sound FX and a ridiculously catchy background tune.
  • bubble shooter mechanics + real-time physics = ridiculous fun.
  • tap the screen anywhere to shoot charged balls into the pile of balls.
  • hit the right color...and hold on to your phone!
  • incredibly simple and addictive gameplay.
  • one-touch control's all about timing, baby!!
  • chain together huge combos for massive points!
  • rain down epic destruction with the wild and hyper balls!
  • real-time physics leads to nearly infinite emergent gameplay scenarios!
  • game center leaderboards and achievements!

Puppy Park

The park is open and the puppies are waiting. Are you ready to play?

Puppy Park is a cute, colorful puzzle game in which you are the caretaker of the best dog park in town. Puppies love to come play here, but when they first arrive, they are lonely and sad. You can make them happy by moving them next to their friends!

Help these puppies find their friends!
Move and flip puppies with ease using a simple tap interface. Arrange a puppy so that both of its color tabs are touching matching neighbors, and your pup will pop into happy mode!

Color-matching meets spacial puzzle gameplay
Innovative and dynamic gameplay featuring a unique dual color-matching system lets you create huge networks of puppy love as you work your way around various obstacles. Can you create enough happy puppies and activate Puppy Power before the park fills up?

Adorable fully animated characters
Puppies respond to your touch, and bark with delight when you surround them with friends! Make enough happy puppies, and you can tap the golden star to make them chase each other around the park!

Parks, Parks, and more Parks!
Thirty different Parks with unique shapes and obstacles create a variety of spacial challenges. Three levels of difficulty provide enjoyable gameplay for novices and experts alike.

Beautiful art and sound create a lush sensory experience
Soft colors and playful patterns partner up with a lively, quirky soundtrack to create a vivid world no puppy lover can resist!

Challenge yourself, your friends, or anyone in the world with AGON Online support!
AGON Online brings friends, leader boards, awards and more to Puppy Park and many other iPhone and iPod touch games. Collect awards and compare yourself against your friends and the world!