Greg Lemon

DreamStudio: Shifu Tutorial

Character animation I created for the Dreamstudio Project, a touch-screen animation application for a DreamWorks theme park in Manila. Responsibe for all of Shifu's character animation, whisker simulation, lighting and rendering.


This is a brief sample of cinematic animations I created for the Xbox game Halo: Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.

demo reel

This is a summary of my keyframe character animation work in film and games.

Medal of Honor

This is a brief sample of in-game cinematic animations I created for the PC game Medal of Honor: Breakthrough.


After Effects, celestial print, paper and rock texture.
One part love letter to San Francisco, one part celestial esoteric mystery. Animated in After Effects using particle systems, wave displacement, and turbulent displace.

point, line and circle

After Effects, paper texture.
I used nested compositions, radial transitions and animated ellipses to animate this piece, which is based upon visual definitions of basic geometry.

two and three dimensions

After Effects, paper texture.
A continuation of my explorations in animated geometry. After Effects' radio waves were used to animate several of the rotating triangular pieces.

fire test

After Effects, multiple particle systems.
I used four nested particle systems to create this fire animation in After Effects. One system was used for the overall flame shape, another was used for the glow, another for the sparks, and a final one for the smoke.

cube blast

Maya, After Effects.
This animation was created using a combination of Maya's non-linear deformers and nCloth. The compositing effects were created using a variety of masks and blending modes in After Effects.


Maya, After Effects, paper textures.
This animation was created by creating a polygon torus, turning it into nCloth, and smashing it from the outside with several collision cubes.


Maya, After Effects.
Animation created entirely using math expressions, which drive several extrude face nodes on a single object. Time warping, masking, and freeze frame effect done in After Effects.


Maya, After Effects, paper texture.
I rendered out several of Maya's prepackaged motion capture clips, compositing them in After Effects with several overlaid textures.